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Village at Smith Creek

Village at Smith Creek Comunity Care. Left off Reece Rd, park in visitors parking or on Orlin Rd. Classroom is at basement level.


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Hello! It is truly my privilege when a family enrolls in a class by Kindermusik with Tracy - an honour to be allowed as part of their lives each week and hopefully bringing a musical world of exploration into their home for a life time. It is my mission and greatest life's work to be able to share the amazing possibilities for growth and bonding between parents and children, all through the love of music!

Each week it is my joyful task to facilitate and provide a developmentally appropriate, rich and musical curriculum that is diverse in activities and nurtures the whole child. As we sing, move and play instruments in a pressure free setting, parents will also learn researched based 'how's and why's' of their child's development. Strengthening the parent and child bond, building socialization skills of children and meeting new families will be at the heart of our music making.

Safety: I am committed to a classroom that is clean and healthy for your family and ensuring that participation is safe for all those involved. Musical supplies are cleaned and well maintained regularly. Hand sanitizer, tissues and wipes are always available. Washrooms are located on the second floor. Nursing mothers; choose any space you are comfortable.

If your child is sick, please get better by staying home until fever free (24 hours) and have no contagious signs. Opportunities for makeup classes can be available in the week where another ongoing class is running, so get well!

Sometimes appointment schedules change and siblings want to come to class who are not formally enrolled. We can usually accommodate this on an individual basis while keeping the best interest of the Kindermusik students in mind-please just let me know! Bring along a carrier of your choice for infant siblings during Wiggle and Grow ( 2-3 yr olds) because you'll want to be fully able to participate with your enrolled child. The whole family is invited to participate in the Laugh and Learn Sharing Time at the end of that class, but for the safety of our babies, siblings younger than 6 are not permitted to attend Kindermusik Cuddle and Bounce. Family classes are available and of course, sibling discounts apply! Tell a friend and bring them along. Upon their enrollment, your family will receive a FREE musical gift!

Inclement weather and other 'unexpecteds': Yes, it's been known to happen! Should there be a closure due to snow storms or I am away due to illness/family illness, classes can be extended to the weeks ahead. I will personally contact you by phone/email should cancellations arise.

You've made a financial investment into Kindermusik with Tracy and I want to be sure you get the full value of this commitment. First, be excited about setting up a Kindermusik routine. This means, of course, coming to class consistently and on time. Research shows that it is the continuity and longevity of an ongoing Kindermusik experience that most benefits your child's development. Regular evaluation of the curriculum for your child will guide you and I in order to ensure they are receiving the best experience possible at every class.

Secondly, you are your child's best teacher and your home is the most important learning environment. Get the most out of the Kindermusik with Tracy curricula by regularly using your Digital At Home Materials provided. They include favorite downloadable songs, activities, e-books and tidbits for parents about your child's development and more; all provided monthly. They are your family's go-to's between classes and support weekly learning. Children and parents love these resources that reinforce all the learning in class. Enjoy!

Your subscription: $40 per month, each additional sibling add $20. Payable on the first of every month by cheque/postdated cheques cash and e-transfer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you aren't completely happy with your Kindermusik experience after 4 consecutive classes, please let me know and your tuition will be refunded, minus the cost for At Home Materials which are yours to keep.

If for any other reason your family needs to withdrawal from classes, please give notice by email before the 1st of the month (before payment is processed on the 5th).